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Personal GPS Tracking/PTrac


  1. 4 preset phone numbers, including SOS
  2. Built in monochrome LCD display for GPS and GSM status, battery life & time
  3. Built in omni directional GPS antenna
  4. Built in siren and hi-sensitivity microphone
  5. Silent SOS: no incoming call alert on the display, system automatically switches to interception mode. Vice versa.
  6. Built-in Polymer battery
  7. Geofencing


  1. GSM: Siemens 900/1800/1900 or 850/1800/1900Mhz, GPRS TCP/IP &SMS
  2. GPS:Sirf Star III,20 Channel,L1 C/A, Quick positioning
  3.Input Voltage: 5.0V
  4. Operating Temperature: 25degree C to +55 degree C (typical) ; -25 degree C to +70 degree C (max)
  5. Storage Temperature: -40 degree C to +80degree C
  6 .Device power consumption: GPS on, Transmission 500mA/hr ; GPS on, GSM standby 56mA/hr
  7. Typical in Sleep: 3mA/hr
  8. Serial communication: 4800
  9. Battery: Poly-Mar 1250mA rechargeable type
  10. Lasting time: 48 hrs in standby mode
  11. LCD Display: 98x64 dots, FSTN, Gray, Transflective
  12. Dimensions: 118x50x20mm