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Sirfstar II or Sirfstar III GPS engine board, pin to pin with TFGA30-Lp

GPS/GSM Module T30

1.Ultra miniature size (30 x 40 mm)
2.12 Channel "All-in-view" GPS C/A and carrier (Sirf Star II)
3.20 Channel "All-in-view" GPS C/A and carrier (Sirf Star III)
4.ntegrated powerful 16-bit ARM7 TDMI CPU core
5.8GPIO pins left for tremendous embedded applications
6.Support WAAS and EGNOS signal (upon customer's inquiry)
7.Fast Cold/Warm/Hot Start TTFF time of 45/38/8 sec
8.Fast reacquisition time of 0.1 sec
9.Degraded mode solution enables during short blockage situation
10.Enhanced sensitivity under weak satellite signals
11.Single satellite tracking capability
12.Dual multipath rejection
13.NMEA 0183 ver2.2 GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, and VTG
14.SiRF binary protocol output
15.On-board Real-time RTCM SC-104 differential
16.11 PPS (one pulse per second) signal
17.Two serial ports with TTL level (RS-232 optional)
18.TricklePower function (power saving)
19.Full shield design to withstand external EMI interferences
20.Capability of adding user's task implementation to current throughput