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Marine Antenna Mar-15

Mar-15 GPS antenna has ultimate performance and unique design which meets not only Marine, Networking but any GPS applications, which requires maximum performance and complete support.


  • 10W RF protection
  • Standard WAAS tune
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Wide range power input voltage from +2.75v ~ 12v
  • Narrow band width at 10MHz for real GPS L1 signal
  • Cable length up to 40m
  • 2 stages active LNA
  • Dual Filters BPF(directric)& LPF(lump element)
  • Dielectric patch antenna
  • Low noise, linear regulator
  • High current shut down
  • Radio frequency interference immunity (RFI)
  • Improve overall GPS system resistance to interference

Architecture Design 2 Stages active LNA
Dual Filters, (BPF(dielectric) & LPF(lump element))
RF protection (10watt), nano-second Spark-Gap
Dielectric Patch antenna
Low Noise Low drop-out, Linear Regulator
Receiving Frequency L1 Band(1575MHz)
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Polarization's Right Hand Circular (RHC)
Bandwidth 50 MHz
VSWR 1.8 Typical @ 1575MHz
Elev. Angle Coverage 5~90 degree
Az. Bearing Coverage 360 degree
Filtering Dual(BPF <50 MHz B/W >
Over-all Gain 28dB (typical including 4dB cable loss & Filters)
Over-all NF <1.8dB @fo, 2dB max.
LNA Characteristic K=>1 Un-conditionally Stable
RF Insertions loss 0.1dB, leakage power 100mW /1 watt input
Power Input +2.75Vdc to +12Vdc input, AutoSwitch
Power Consumption 25mA
Power Input Sensor Reverse Polarity Short Circuit shutdown
Over-Current Sensor Thermal Over-current shutdown >+150degreeC
Dimensions 79d x 58h x 13mm
Mount 13mm treaded (1/2inch)
Radome Color White
Coax Connector BNC,SMA,TNC
Coax Cable RG-58
Operating Temperature -30 to + 85 degree C
Storage -40 to + 90 degree C