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Roof Mount GPS and GSM in Dual-band combo antenna
GG105 Roof Mount GPS & Dual Band Cellular Antenna
GPS/GSM Antenna GG105
Our GPS (Global Positioning System) make your travels fun, safe, and convenient.
No more getting lost in strange cities with road maps that are impossible to follow.
The satellite technology pinpoints exactly where you are within 10 meters.
Our all weather antenna gives a clear and precise signal or integrated Global
Positioning Satellite Receiver. Relax and get where you want to go. Our technology
makes it all possible.


Patch antenna Element:
1.Center Frequency: 1575.42Mhz with 70m/m Square ground plane
2.Polarization: R. H. C. P
3.Bandwith: 9.0min Mhz Return less <= -10dB
4.Gaint Zenith: +/-5.0 Typical dBi @1575.42 Mhz
5.Gaint 10° Elevation: -1.0 Typical dBi @1575.42 Mhz
6.Axial Ratio: 3dBi max
7.Output V. S. W. R: 1.5 max
8.Output Impedance: 50

GPS Low Noise Amplifier:
1.Center Frequency: 1575.42Mhz
2.Power Gain: 27dB typically
3.Bandwidth: 2Mhz min
4.Noise Figure: 1.5maxOuter Band Attenuation: 20dB min @ Fo +/- 50Mhz
5.Supply Voltages: 3.0~5.0 Vdc
6.Current Consumption: 20mA
7.V.S.W.R: 1.5 or less
8.Output Impedance: 50

Cable & Connector:
1.RF Cable: Standard 3M RG174/U for GPS (other cable and length available)
2.Standard 3M RG174/U for cellular phone (other cable and length Available)
3.Connector: Standard SMA for GPS (other connector available)
4.Standard FME for cellular phone (other connector available)
5.Pulling Strength: 7Kgs/10 Sec with Molded connector
6.Operating Temperature: -30" ~90"

Physical Construction:
1.Construction: ABS Cover
2.Cellular Phone: SMA connector
3.Dimension: 50.7mm x 71.7mm
4.Weight: 140g
5.Color Random: Standard in Black
6.(Other color available)
7.Standard Mounting: Roof Mount
8.Water Resistance: High Water Proof

AMPS (DTMA, CDMA) Antenna Element:

1.Frequency: 824Mhz~896Mhz
3.Gain: 3dBi
4.V.S.W.R: 50

GSM Antenna Element:
1.Frequency: 870Mhz~960Mhz
3.Gain: 3dBi
4.V.S.W.R: 1.5 or less
5.Impedance: 50
6.Connector: SMA

1.Avoid the high temperature environment.
2.The DC voltage is requested.
3.Avoid putting any solid material upon the antenna.