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GPS/GSM Module GE2929P
Ultra High Sensitivity SiRF StarIII 7989 GPS Module with Path Antenna
  • 20 channel SiRF StarIII7989 positioning engine
  • Ultra high sensitivity to -159 dBm
  • SBAS (WAAS, MSAS, and EGNOS) support
  • Supports Power saving modes
  • Build in backup battery
  • Support UART and RS232 ports
  • Ultra low power consumption 60mW
  • Ultra miniature 29 x 29 mm dimension.
  • Operating temperature range: -30 to 85°C
  • RoHS compliant (lead-free)

Block diagram

Technical Specifications

1. Electrical Characteristics    
1.1 Chipset SiRF StarIII GSC3eLP  
1.2 General Frequency L1, 1575.42MHz
  Channels, C/A code 20 1.023 MHz chip rate, 8192 time/frequency search windows
1.3 Accuracy Position 5 meters CEP
  Time 50 nanosecond rms (1 PPS)
1.4 DGPS Accuracy Position 2.0 meters CEP
1.5 Acquisition Rate Reacquisition < 1 sec, typical
  Cold start 35 sec, typical
  Warm start 35 sec, typical
  Hot start 1 sec, typical
1.6 Sensitivity Tracking -159dBm
  Acquisition/Reacquisition -155dBm
  Cold start -144dBm
1.7 Dynamic Condition Altitude 18,000 meters (60,000 Feet) max.
  Velocity 515 meters /sec (1000 Knots) max.
1.8 Power Main Power 3.3 VDC typical
  Supply current 40 mA
  Backup power 1.4 ~ 5V
1.9 Serial Port Electrical interface UART, RS232
2. Environmental Characteristics Protocols NMEA0183 v3.0
2.1Temperature Operating range - 30 °C to + 85 °C
2.3 Interface I/O connector 6 pin pitch 1.0mm connector
( GE2929P)
12 pin pitch 1.27mm

PIN assignment


Pin Definition
GE-2929P JP1  (CSI-1182-061R from CSTCONN - www.cstconn.com)
Pin# Name Type Description
1 T-TX Output UART TXD output
2 T-RX Input UART RX input
3 R-TX Output RS232 TX
4 R-RX Input RS232 RX
5 Vcc PWR DC power input 3.3 íV5V
6 GND PWR Ground

1*6 Pitch 1.0mm

GE-2929P-N JP2 (CPA-2001-1230 from CSTCONN - www.cstconn.com)

Pin# Name Type Description
1,12 NC    
2,11 Vcc PWR DC power input 3.3 íV 5V
3,10 T-TX Output UART TX output
4,9 T-RX Input UART RXD input
5,8 GND PWR Ground
6 Reset Input  
7 NC    

Boot: High Boot from Flash, Low Boot from serial port
1pps: Time plus

2*6 Pitch 1.27mm

Output NMEA Messages
NMEA-0183 Output Messages
NMEA Sentence Description
GGA (default) Global Positioning System Fixed Data
GLL Geographic Position - Latitude/Longitude
GSA (default) GNSS DOP and Active Satellites
GSV (default) GNSS Satellites in View
RMC (default) Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS data
VTG Course Over Ground and Ground Speed
ZDA Time and Date
The detail information please refers to GEXXXX series GPS module NMEA protocol reference manual.