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GPS Antenna GAA-P-003

GPS Active Antenna (25*25*2mm)
"GAA-P-003" Active antenna elements and its series are designed to be used for GPS device, the LNA is low noise. The patch antenna with compact size incorporates a rectangular micro-strip design for GPS C/A right-hand circular polarization wave reception, featuring low RL, low Axial Ratio but high gain, etc.


  • Cable OD: 1.13mm, L1=50mm
  • PCB: FR-4
  • Shielding Case: Tinplate
  • Antenna: Dielectric Ceramics

Dimension: mm(±0.2mm)

Electrical Characteristics

  • Center Frequency: 1575.42MHz±1.02 MHz
  • V.S.W.R: 1.5:1
  • Band Width > 5 MHz
  • Impendence: 50 ohm
  • Peak Gain: 2dBic Based on 7x7cm ground plane
  • Polarization: RHCP

LNA Electrical Characteristics

  • DC Voltage: 3.0±0.3V
  • Gain (Typical): 22dB (Without cable +25°C±10°)
  • Output VSWR (Typical): 1.5
  • Noise Figure (Typical): 1.3(+25°C±10°C)
  • DC current (Typical): 9.8mA(At3.0V)

Testing Conditions

  • Operation Temp: -20°C~+75°C
  • Storage Temp: -30°C~+85°C
  • Vibration: Sine sweep 1g(0-p) 10~50~10Hz each axis
  • DC Voltage: DC=3.0V±0.3V